Raw meaty bones are great for the health of your pup. From the protein in the meat to the calcium in the bones. The chewing, ripping, and crunching cleans their teeth and strengthens the muscles in their jaw, neck, and shoulders. If you’re a hunter it’s also good way to use parts of your prey you’d otherwise waste.

The trick to freezing raw meaty bones individually, and not in a big block is to freeze them without them touching each other. You can freeze smaller batches of the bones in a stand up freezer on baking pans lined with foil, but you’ll be able to freeze a lot more at a time with a deep freezer.

Things you’ll need:
• Deep freezer
• large piece of cardboard
• Aluminum foil
• Tape
• Container or trash bag to store them in the freezer once fully frozen.

You’ll need to make a panel to hold the bones while they freeze. Find a large piece of cardboard, and cut it so it fits snugly in your freezer.


Make sure the panel fits in the freezer before covering in foil.



Once the panel is covered in foil, and sitting level in your freezer place the bones on it without them touching each other too much. Make sure the raw meat doesn’t make contact with the inside surfaces of your freezer.


Once the bones are frozen solid you can store them on top of one another in a container or bag.

You can thaw a bone out before giving to your dog if you’d like or right from the freezer as a meat popsicle.

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