Most people think goats will eat anything from wood to tin cans, but goats are actually picky eaters. Once hay gets wet or soiled they’ll turn their noses up to it quicker than an old lady getting cold fries. A hay rack keeps the hay off the ground keeping it fresh, and minimizing waste.

oct 2013 003

materials needed:
4 – 4 foot 2×4’s
4 – 3 foot 2×4’s
4 – 18 inch 2×4’s
9 – 39 inch 1×4’s
A scrap piece of fence wire, chicken wire, or netting.
3 inch screws/nails (Screws would have made this easier, but I didn’t have any on hand…and was too lazy to go pick some up.)
2 inch screws/nails
fence staples

If you want the hay rack taller make the 18 inch and the 3 foot boards bigger in the plans.

oct 2013 003

Screw or nail ¾ of an inch from the end of the 18 inch boards. Do this for both sides.

oct 2013 007 (2)

Attach the 18 inch board to one of the 3 foot boards, making an L shape.


Connect another 3 foot board to the other side. Then flip it over, and connect another 18 inch board on top of it.


Make another box the same way.


Attach the lower box to the 4 – 4 foot boards a foot off the ground, these will be the legs of your hay rack.

oct 2013 013 (3)

Attach the other box to the ends of the 4 foot boards.

Then attach one of the 39 inch 1×4 boards lengthwise across the lower box. Place the fencing wire on top of the lower box. This will keep your hay from falling through to the ground.


Attach the rest of the 39 inch 1×4 boards to the boxes 6 inches or so away from one another. One on each short side, and three on each long side.


Now fill it up with hay and let goats at it.


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