Creating a worm bin is a fun way to be creative and reuse something you’d otherwise throw out. I had an old bathtub on my farm that we used to use as a water trough, but for years has just been lying unused out in a field.

Check out my previous post for more information on raising worms.

Start by elevating your bathtub on blocks. This gives you a little more space to place a container under the drain so you can collect the compost tea.

Good drainage is important to keep in mind when making your worm bin. Since you only have one drainage hole in a bath tub you need to keep the bedding off the bottom to let the excess water flow underneath.

You can place a layer of gravel underneath the bedding to achieve this, but a wooden frame will make harvesting your vermicast/vermicompost easier.

Measure your tub and build a light frame out of 1 x 4 boards that can fit inside.

Wrap the frame in chicken wire.

Place the frame in the tub and make sure it covers the drain well.

Fill the tub with your worm bedding, your worms, and water lightly.

A good cover keeps excess rain water and predators (chickens) out of your worm bin. I just used a few boards I had lying around.


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