I was turned on to tooth powder by Neem Tree Farms. After buying six Neem trees, Neem bark Powder, Neem oil, and few other products, I tried out their Neem Tooth Powder. I loved it so much I decided to make my own.

Neem – Neem is a fast growing, evergreen tree native to India that grows so well in climates similar to India that in many places it’s considered a weed. But as the people of India know well, Neem has many uses. The fruits, young shoots, and flowers can be eaten. Neem oil is used as a natural pesticide, and the dried leaves are used to keep moths out of stored cloths. Neem has also been used to treat a variety of different diseases and ailments, and is often refereed to as the village pharmacy.

One of Neem’s most utilized uses is it’s effectiveness in dental hygiene products. Traditionally, villagers would chew the ends of a small Neem twig into a makeshift toothbrush then brush their teeth, gums, and tongues with it 1. Now with scientific studies we’re better able to pin point why Neem makes such good dental hygiene products. It has antibacterial activity, anti-candidial activity, anti-cariogenic activity, and anti-plaque activity 2.

Though Neem’s cons could be positives with the right applications, some precautions to keep in mind before using Neem are: Neem seems to have anti-fertility effects 3, more research is needed to explain why and how it effects fertility, but do not use Neem products if you’re trying to conceive. Neem may cause miscarriages 4. There’s also evident to suggests Neem may lower blood sugar 5.

Baking Soda (sodium bicarbonate) –  Most people have probably seen toothpastes with Baking Soda in it at some point in time because of it’s effectiveness in removing stains and whitening teeth 6, but Baking Soda may also have antimicrobial activity 7.

Cloves – Cloves as we know them are the flower buds of the clove tree. I’ve always heard that cloves were antifungal, anesthetic, antibacterial, and antiseptic, but I could not find any studies backing up these claims. Though, in one study a gel made from cloves seemed to work as well as benzocaine as a topical anesthetic 8. For now, cloves will just be the flavoring of our tooth powder. Cinnamon can also be added in place of the cloves.


Mix together and store in an air tight container.

How to Use:

You can sprinkle it on your toothpaste.

I like to scoop a good bit out with my dry toothbrush and then let it sit in my mouth long enough for my saliva to get the powder thoroughly wet before I start brushing.


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